About Us

   As a 22 year military veteran, I felt the need to use my creative ability as an Air Force Civil Engineer to honor my fellow military members with appropriate gifts whether transitioning from base to base, when separating, or upon retiring from the military.  I believe that all of our service personnel deserve awards and accolades that encapsulate their time with a particular unit or squadron and receive fitting tributes to display their accomplishments when they retire.
  After years of being prodded into expanding my services, I finally decided to start my own business once I retired.  I really enjoy creating custom projects, heirlooms, and mementos to be enjoyed and displayed by individuals and their families.  These memories that we acquire throughout the years of military service should be treasured not only for our own posterity, but for our loved ones as well.  In many instances, this may be the only connection we have with the loved one who may have given the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

  I love customizing high quality hand crafted unique projects for customers.  Many times they only send me photos or tell me of an idea they have and leave the design to me.  My motto is simple "If you want it, I can build it".​  I want to provide you with a way to showcase your most treasured memories.​​

​  So please do not hesitate and allow me to create a customized memento to capture your most cherished memories for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.



                                   Thank you for your service to our nation.